Hansaton's new invention

I just received my new hearing aids in the post today from Germany! They look so small – the battery case takes up half the hearing aid and the receiver is in the tubing and custom-made mould. I am pretty excited about trying this new state of the art hearing aid that has already won some design awards and setting the standard for innovation and excellence. This hearing aid comes with blue-tooth technology and this means I can listen to the MP3 player, mobile phones, TVs without wires. Best of all, the hearing aid is the smallest I have ever owned and is likely to be very discreet. Once I get my hearing aid set up and using daily, I will post a product review about it.

New: VELVET X-mini:

the first choice for design and function.

First class technology with a sophisticated appearance provided by the smallest design housing from HANSATON.

Naturally good hearing is a valuable gift – and HANSATON is now able to provide a unique, technological version:

velvet X-Mini is the new HANSATON external receiver system with technology that impresses on an international scale. Its tiny, sophisticated mini casing coated in stylish two-colour special paint is also convincing.

  1. Tiny housing thanks to state-of-the-art technology and outsourcing of the receiver.
  2. Selection of different receivers for individual hearing requirements.
  3. Easily pliable, transparent cable: pleasant and almost invisible. – Modern openness: natural sound enjoyment without closed ears.
  4. For simple handling: right/left marking and on/off function with the battery insert.
  5. Environmentally friendly: designed for notably low energy use and, therefore, reduced battery consumption.

First choice for form and function – velvet X-Mini is made for people with a distinctive flair for design and high technical standards. The perfected Natural Sound that imitates natural hearing and the further developed Situation Optimizer that ensures greater clarity of sound and improved understanding of speech are just two of its highlights.

From the outset, you can enjoy an excellent hearing sensation and first-rate comfort – by choosing velvet X-Mini you have decided on a first-class hearing experience.

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