Taiwan – Road Cyclists Paradise Part 2

My last posting talked about Taiwan being a Road Cyclists paradise. I thought it would be prudent to justify my claim by providing a few photographs for you to enjoy.

Here is a quote from Feiren who is a long time resident here in Taiwan and has a compilation of great rides throughout Taiwan:

“The really great cycling in Taiwan is out of Taipei. The cross-island highways offer lush scenery rising from tropical jungles to temperate cypress forests well above 2000 meters. 

The ride at 5am up Taroko gorge or scaling the Southern Cross are both world class.

Networks of side roads conceal many, many treasures”. 

Over the last few days, the weather has been very favorable at this time of the year. Enabling more hours to be clocked up exploring the outdoors.

More great photos below. For a larger view, you can click on them.

This picture reminds me of alot of what New Zealand offers in the South Island, particularly the Queenstown Lakes Area. This is not far from Taipei City, about 1.5hrs of cycling to reach this beautiful lake at Shimen, which is on the Northern Coast Highway (no.7) and can be done as a great 120km loop from Taipei. Stay tuned for my up-dates on some more brilliant riding routes.

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