NEW: Tour de Formosa (Taiwan) in 2010

Unique Cycling Event to be staged in Taiwan

After the immense success of the 2009 Deaflympic Games in Taipei, the Chinese Taipei Sports Association in conjunction with the Chinese-Taipei Cycling Association has decided to hold a Tour de Formosa Cycling race in 2010 for all the hearing impaired cyclists in the world. It is hoped that it would become a Deaf’s equilivent to the Tour de France and be held bi-annually indefinitely. Deaflympic Cycling Events reports can be found here

The objective of this Tour de Formosa:  

To raise awareness among hearing-impaired cyclists the opportunity to race and develop friendship ties, as well as improving the riding standard of the hearing-impaired cyclist world-wide. Additionally, to encourage more of Taiwan’s hearing-impaired young talented athletes to develop their cycling skills. 

Another big reason for Taiwan to stage this cycling event is to raise Taiwan’s Profile in the world by showcasing the beauty of Taiwan’s stunning landscape and unique culture. By putting Taiwan on the world map will ultimately increase tourism to the country. 

The Cycling Tour will be modeled on the historic Tour de France race and it is hoped that the competition will become a major international cycling event. Stay tuned for the course details.

ICSD Bike TD will be invited to provide technical guidance. The Tour is set to be raced over 7 stages from October 29th through to November 7th in 2010. International teams are restricted to four-man teams and two team staff and to be eligible for the competition you need to hold a current National Cycling Association license. It was not clear if it is only restricted to hearing impaired riders or if it is open to all. The numbers of Chinese-Taipei Teams that can enter is unlimited. International teams are provided with free accommodation and all meals.

As more information is made available, it will published on my website. If you have any questions about the Tour de Formosa please contact me on

This event also represents a unique opportunity for companies to develop partnerships with the Cycling Teams that will take part.

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