Betel Nut Cop

This morning I had a great ride up through the Graveyard Route – the weather is looking good here again in Taipei and I took the opportunity to take some more good pictures. On the way home I had stopped to take a few pictures of the Taipei 101 building at a busy intersection – I had a good 90 seconds from the vantage point I stopped at, however an angry cop wanted me out of there quick smart! He came over to me yelling, his mouth full of the beetle-nut (a legal drug here in Taiwan) and he got more agitated when I continued shooting pictures. I spoke to him in Mandarin, telling him that I still had a good minute before the traffic would start moving again and that I was not in the way. However, he still kept at me and threatening to write me a ticket if I stayed. I snapped a few pictures of him while I was chatting and then told him I’ll be on my way. He continued yelling at me as I cruised away. He probably did not like the fact I was un-fazed by him and his threat.
The Beetle Nut Cop looking like he was ready to grab me
Beetle Nut eating has stained his teeth pretty badly – which is common place here in Taiwan. Apparently the “drug” gives you a kick so that you can feel energized. It is used among truck drivers and workers quite frequently. So, this cop probably needed the Beetle-nut in order to remain alert on his job.
  • Nick

    Beetle nut is a troditional aboriginal chewing gum, just as you said it can help people feel alert and kick away the sleepliness. Lots people used to chew the beetle nut doing the shaft in guard but not me.

    Did you stand at the center of the intersection? or the traffic light is about turning to red? I guess the cop don’t wanna get any trouble when the light get green, maybe traffic jam or rush hour ….

    You’d better to keep away from the cup in Taiwan except the need of help.
    The adult used to intimidate kids by using “cop” because we all had bad reputation to cop in the old time.

    At least you had good shot on 101.

    Is it taken in Sian San? I mean the first one.