Tour of Luzon Race Updates

Peloton all together during Stage Three

I have been busy writing up-dates for the Whats Up USANA website, so have not had time to up-date my own site. Have been racing here in the Philippines each day since Feb 27th and it is proving to be quite tough racing. The local Filipino professional riders are quite strong and attack frequently, keeping the pace of the Tour quite high. The American Kelly Benefits Team has a solid grip on the tour with them in Yellow and five riders in the top six.  Tomorrow’s stage is going to be a big one at 150kms and will travel over some mountains and finish up a 4km 15% climb. This is the stage where the tour winner is likely to be decided. There are still four more stages to contest after tomorrow’s epic looking one. The Tour of Luzon will conclude with a criterium race in Makati City on March 7th (about five minutes walk from the USANA office).

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