Cycling across Mongolia via Genghis Khan's Trail

Imagine if you could be riding your mountain bike on the grassy plains of Inner Mongolia where the legendary Genghis Khan once traveled,  sleeping in Nomadic tents and feasting on Mongolian food.  You can make this happen either by attending the three-day mountain bike stage race that traces Genghis Khan’s trail starting on July 1st or by signing up with a local tour guide to take you. If it is the race you are interested in, you can visit this site: Nordic Ways.

If you are interested in organizing your own mountain bike adventure, you can contact Peter Weinig at Blue Bandana Expeditions. He runs an adventure guiding business and will help you with designing your tour in Mongolia (note this is  in Outer Mongolia).

Mountain bikers will be racing on the Mongolian grasslands that are dotted with yurts, Genghis Khan (who founded the Mongol Empire) memorials and wild horses.  The  route follows the ancient Genghis Khan trail and will be a good test of skill and stamina for some of the best mountain bikers in China, with over 182kms of race course.

Event participants will be treated to folk music and dance performances followed by horse racing and Mongol wrestling. To conclude the first evening, a big bonfire party will be held and competitors will have the experience of sleeping in traditional Yurts before starting Stage two the next day.

In addition to the mountain bike race, there is also the Grassland Extreme Marathon that takes place on Sunday July 4th.

To follow the Trail of Genghis Khan, you can sign up for this event or embark upon your own adventure by traveling there on your own or in a group of mountain bikers.

I will attempt to provide as much information as I can about this event as it unfolds, so stay tuned for the race reports that will appear on this website and on Cycling News Asia. Perhaps it will be the inspiration you need to choose Inner Mongolia for your next cycling holiday!

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