Hangzhou: Rapha Worldwide Challenge Day 7

Today was a big day in terms of mileage: 187kms! But not so good for taking photographs, as the air was quite hazy today and did not have the same clearness as the first day of the Rapha Festive 500 Challenge. However, the route we took was epic and took in alot of climbs, decents, rough roads and smooth as glass roads… We also got in a bit of truck surfing on the highway stretch which was fun.  I got to Moganshan  the same way as the first day, by the Wukang bus an rode up to the Moganshan Village to meet with Mark Kitto. Before we departed, we enjoyed a bowl of beef noodles which gave sustained energy throughout the ride.  I ended up riding all the way back into Hangzhou, but not before stopping to pick up a kilo of strawberries to share with the wife 😉

Mark Kitto (author of China Cuckoo) spicing up his beef noodles...

A typical Chinese eatery that serves noodles...

This friendly cop guarded our bikes...

So, this was the penultimate day in the Rapha Festive 500 Challenge. Congratulations to all of those who have made it to the target and beyond! If you have not, there is still one more day to make up for lost miles: just make it your biggest day ever on the bike! You’ll feel great if you end the challenge with a solid attempt and a platform laid for you to launch into 2011!

Many of these cows were on the route today (although this was not a picture taken today)

  • Dan,
    I really enjoyed following your last 7 days on the bike. I am looking forward to your write up about the Magnus. Happy New Year, best of luck in 2011!

  • I want one of these soups 😉 best for 2011! Stefan

  • Ian

    Fantastic stories and photos. The Magnus looks/sounds amazing. I haven’t been riding during these last few winter months but after reading this I’m inspired to go. Having the right gear is critical.