Iran: Azerbaijan Tour

4km Prologue Route

I am in Iran presently reporting the Azerbaijan Tour and it has been an action packed few days so far here that I have had no time to write content for my own blog. However, you can read my full daily stage reports on if you are interested.

Since I can speak a little bit of Farsi, well not really as I can just speak a collection of phrases that I had learnt from my Persian friends over the years. This knowledge has been a great ice-breaker, but I have to interject quickly with “man farsi balad nisam” (I can’t speak Farsi) when the Iranians start jabbering at me when they hear the Farsi coming from my mouth!

The stage today finished in Meshkinshahr, a small city in the far north of Iran very close to the Sabalon Mountains that climb to an impressive 4,700m!  Tomorrow is a Team Time Trial over 50kms from Ardabil to Sarein and is likely to determine the yellow jersey holder by a a few minutes.

I will be bringing you more updates about my experiences in Iran when I get time and internet access. In the meantime, enjoy the selection of photographs below.

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