Brief race report from Salt Lake City

I raced in the pro-am event where there were over 70 starters and there was quite a few good riders present, ones that had missed the cut for the Tour of Utah, and they were keen to impress for both resume and sponsorship purposes. My form in the race felt reasonably good and bodes well for the upcoming Deaflympic Games in Taipei. I started at the back of the field but pretty soon moved into mid-pack and at the 10 minute mark I nabbed a cash prime with some good positioning in the pack and then charging down the rider who had done a flyer half way into the prime lap. I suffered three punctures in this race, falling victim to the big pot-hole at the first turn. I was able to get back into the race for two of the punctures and about 10 minutes out from the finish I snared a perfect prime ($350 pair of Edge Carbon handle-bars). Why was it perfect? I had just attacked out of the final corner to see what would happen. I only succeeded in creating a single file of riders, as they were all quick to get onto my attack. I kept going hard for a few moments and saw the bell ring for the prime lap, I then checked on my progress and started soft-pedalling to try and get riders to come past me. No one was keen to take over and the everyone was bunching up. I sensed that now was the perfect time to attack again, so I reaccelarated away and established a big enough gap that I knew I was in for a chance if I could keep my power up. I started to fade slightly just before turn three but my gap was still good enough to win the Carbon handle-bars comfortably. I had moved up into prime position (4th wheel) going into the final lap but I punctured in the first turn and that was the end of my race. Great speed work though.

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