Edge Carbon Handle-bar Review

Edge Composites is a company that specializes in making top-end Carbon products for both road and mountain bikes. The Fly V Australian Professional Cycling Team use their products extensively.
When I competed in a Salt Lake City Pro 1,2 criterium on the final day of Tour of Utah, I won two primes and one of them was a nice set of Carbon handle-bars supplied by Edge Composites!
These are the same bars that Ace sprinter, Ben Kersten used in his sprint win at the 2009 USPRO Criterium Championships in rainy conditions. Prior using these bars, he was skeptical: “When I was given these bars to use, I thought they would not be up to the task as they seemed to be too light. However, after using them I was surprised they delivered exceptional performance and are extremely stiff and responsive – perfect for me!” he said. 
These great looking bars tip the scales at a mere 200 grams, making them one of the lightest bars in the market. One unique feature is they have built-in end plugs that prevent bar tape from unraveling and you will never lose handle-bar caps ever again!
The bars are also designed to an “optimal diameter that guarantees a great physiological fit to promote a natural holding position, anywhere on the bar… functionality is also taken to another level with recesses that allow clean cable routing”
After the Edge Bars were installed on my Orbea Opal, I instantly noticed a major difference to the handling of my bike on the next training ride. I was impressed. I felt like my acceleration stepped up several notches with these super stiff and responsive carbon bars. I also noticed less road vibration and my hands did not fatigue as quickly. When you ride in the drops, you feel an instant stability and have that urge to get out of the saddle to sprint! When in the drops, you can position your hands wherever you want them and still be comfortable.  I felt superior handling and comfort when cornering in my first local criterium race at Salt Lake City.  During long training rides, the bars helped keep me feeling fresher for longer. When doing out-of-saddle climbing and intervals, it felt like my transfer of energy from the upper body to propel the bike forward was effortless.

When trying to find a fault about these bars, I found none. Except for the price tag, which is a pricey $367 USD. But, this is perhaps worth it for the ride quality and pleasure you will get out of these Edge Carbon Bars.

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