Riding in Xiahe

I took a 2-day excursion to Xiahe from Lanzhou and found myself in some stunning scenery. It was also in the middle of the winter, which meant the air would be crisp, but cold. I rented an old Chinese style bike to explore the surrounding area. I also hiked up a mountain to find some ancient ruins against a stunning vista of snow capped mountains. If you plan to visit this place, I recommend visiting during the off-peak Tourist season as I was practically one of the few tourists in the town and enjoyed the authentic feel of the Tibetan village.  Enjoy these photographs of mine that were taken while exploring the area by bike. The best way to get to Xiahe is via bus from Lanzhou, Gansu Province and becareful not to get ripped off by touts that inflate bus prices – in my case I was told 150rmb when it should have been 25rmb on the public buses.

Xiahe horses grazing on the plains

Blazing fire to keep the Cold Edge Away

Tibetan Nomad outside her tent

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