2km Hill-climb race power data

Over the weekend I competed in a couple of races at the 09 Giant National Cup in Taizhong. One of these races was a mass start climb up a steep hill. I knew that I would not place too well against many of my lighter weight opponents. I started well, as you can see on my power profile in the above diagram, but the second half of the race I was unable to put more power needed to stay with the front group. Avg power: 385watts
Max power 934 watts
Duration: 7 mins 20 seconds At the end I was able to give it a slight nudge to get it back over 400 watts for the surge to the finish line! I need more practice on hill-climbs (ability to tolerate greater lactate) and also lose some kilos! Stay tuned for up-dates on the Giant Cup Road Race and also the Sun Moon Lake leisure exercursion. Some awesome pictures and stories to tell.

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