17 Interesting Things about Daniel Carruthers you may not know

Thumbs up after completing Thailand Tour

I started my blog with the aim of bringing interesting stories and tips to my readers from all over the world. My goal is to provide a platform where friends and colleagues can not only keep up with my adventures around the globe, but also be a site where travelers and other fellow cyclists can assimilate valuable tips and ideas. I plan to launch several websites, using this site as my flagship one – the planned sites include (in construction) that will be aimed at bringing you the best locations for Cycling in the Asia-Pacific region.

Another reason for establishing this site is to provide exposure for my sponsors. Sponsors who have supported me over the years in my Quest to be the best cyclist I possibly can to compete at the elite-level. Please take some time and look at my sponsor page and click through to their websites to check out their product offerings. Without their support, I would not have realized my dream of racing at the semi-pro level and all over the world. I have proudly represented New Zealand at the 2006 World Deaf Cycling Championships in San Francisco and also the 2009 Deaflympics in Taipei.

Thanks to my regular readers who have supported me over the years and also a warm welcome is extended to new visitors. Please interact with my site by leaving some comments: either suggestions on new places to ride or what you would like to see on my site.

To get to know me a little bit better, I have shared 17 things below:

  • I am over 80% deaf in both ears since I was an infant – but have never let this handicap prevent me from living life to its fullest. I wear two powerful behind the ear Hansaton Hearing Aids and am totally reliant on them – without them I cannot hear anything, have to rely on my lip-reading skills!
  • For recognition of my outstanding achievements and role-model status, I won the Inaugural NFD Quest for Excellence Scholarship in 2004. Also won the Deaf Achiever of the Year in 1991 as a high school student.
  • I’m from the Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand – more specifically I am from Dunedin, a beautiful coastal city in the South Island. I also spent a lot of time living in Auckland when growing up and more recently.
  • Since 1997, I have spent most of my time abroad living in various countries including Israel, St Helena, China and the United States. Returning to NZ from 2004 to 2008.
  • In 2005 I decided to train seriously to compete at the elite level under the guidance of coach Nick Flyger. I was part of an elite squad of NZ rep mountain bikers and felt out of place as I was just a beginner. With dedication to Nick’s training regime I quickly improved and found my niche in criterium racing.
  • I have several degrees, all are from Otago University:  Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management/design (1995), Diploma of Tourism (1997), Bachelor of Arts in Chinese (2004), Master of Tourism (2007). Now I am enrolled in a PHD program at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China where I will be looking at sports tourism.
  • Sketching is one of my passionate hobbies and when I have the chance you will find me sketching beautiful character buildings steeped in history. I have sketched around the world on a commission basis.
  • Freelance writer. Some publications include:  Cycling News, Daily Peloton, Bike Radar, Texas Racing Post, NZ Endurance Magazine, Bicycle Retailer, Cycling News Asia, Velonews, and Road Cycling NZ. Mostly cycling related stories.
  • Fluent in Mandarin (currently taking additional classes to raise to new level). I say fluent to the degree that I can communicate effectively in Mandarin, but due to limitations sometimes my listening skills are not fantastic – this is something that I am working hard on.
  • Currently race for Champion System, a Hong Kong based cycling race team that does races all over Asia. If interested in getting quality custom-made clothing, Champion System is my recommended choice, and was prior to joining the team in 2010.
  • I also run my own home-based USANA nutrition business which allows you to create residual income. As an athlete, I am also sponsored by USANA in my Quest for Excellence in cycling. It is exciting times as USANA has recently announced China as the latest new market.
  • Photography is another one of my passions, I love street and landscape photography. More recently, I have tried my hand with sports photography including an assignment shooting Tour de Taiwan 2010 on the back of a crazy scooter.
  • I own three road bikes and a mountain bike (rigid). Currently I race on my new Champion System full carbon bike equipped with Dura Ace components. For training I  now use my downgraded Orbea Opal (2008 model) equipped with Ultegra SL components. I recently put on First Components RT cranks for testing. The third road bike is a K2 Mod 6.0 and is presently gathering dust in NZ.
  • I use a Saris Cycleops Power Meter for training. This power meter has helped improve my cycling dramatically, making this a much better investment than a set of carbon race wheels!
  • In 2004, I cycled to 23 Sister Cities in China that had a relationship with New Zealand. This was for my Masters thesis research – “Sister City Relationships between China and NZ – implications for Tourism Development”. PDF can be found on the Economic Development Agencies of NZ website (link above).
  • One of my favorite places in the world is St Helena – the remotest place on earth accessible only by sea via the last Royal Mail Ship in the world, it is also the island where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to after losing the Battle of Waterloo.  I lived there for six months and did over 100 pieces of artwork of the Island and helped with various tourism and conservation projects.  It is my dream to return there again at some point.
  • A brief encounter 10 years ago resulted in meeting the love of my life, a beautiful Texan, Jennifer Roberts.  After dating for two years, we were married on July 4th 2009.  She is a novice rider (rides a cute Orbea Aqua), and has been the inspiration for some of my popular stories.