2 week countdown!

I got married on July 4th at Round Rock, Texas and then had a quick 3 day honey-moon in Georgetown before flying out to race and report Superweek in the Chicago area. Since I have the Deaf Olympic Games coming up in four weeks time, Superweek was perfect timing for me to get in some decent speed-work training. However, I suffered some set-backs in crashing and totaling my Orbea Opal frame. I did get a Sram road bike for two days of racing, but could not keep borrowing it and had to get my K2 frame shipped up to me from Austin. Jose from the Sram Nuetral Race Support kindly built my bike up and I was able to continue racing. The unfortunate thing was that the bike set-up was not right and this contributed in me not finishing a number of races. I was also busy with race reporting for Cycling News and that took up a large portion of my time.

This is my second week back in Austin, first week was basically a rest one (only did 3hrs of riding including a Driveway race). This week has me embarking upon a 4 -week training program provided by Nick Flyger to help me gain more speed and taper for my events in Taiwan. I have seen some encouraging signs this week, including good power outputs in the Driveway race yesterday. I had some good 20min and 5min power figures that bode well.
It is also my last two weeks here in Austin as Jennifer and I will be flying out on August 18th for Reno where we are visiting family in Winnemucca for four days. I’ll be doing some altitude training. We’ll be heading down to Salt Lake City to attend the USANA International Convention and there is a down-town city criterium race on the 23rd August which is perfect timing to brush up race skills and keep the legs on the razor edge before the Games.

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