Top China Destination: Qinghai Lake (Part 2)

Tibetan Family in Qinghai

Pool is one of Tibetan's favourite leisure activities

In Part One of the Qinghai Province posting, I showed Monks trying to steal my bike and beautiful scenery around the Qinghai Lake area. Part Two is going to bring to you another collection of interesting photos. This time, you can play pool in the great outdoors at 4,500 metres! Yes, it must be pool played at the highest altitude in the world. I was cycling along and noticed several places had these outdoor pool tables so I stopped at the most picturesque one and started playing pool with the blokes there. Sorry, but I don’t have a shot of myself in my spandex gear giving these guys a run for their money! But, I did take quite a few shots of them for you to enjoy.

Tibetan Pool at 4,500m

So perhaps some of you will be inspired to head out to Qinghai and play pool with some of the locals. Its a great away to bond and feel at home with these friendly Tibetans that you will find all over Qinghai. In my third and final posting about Qinghai I will be listing some top destinations you can check out during your wild west adventure!

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