Qinghai Lake Cycling Tour

I am continuing to cover this mega-event here in remote Qinghai – but internet has been limited and when I have been on the internet, it has been to up-load photos and reports for www.cyclingnewsasia.com  – you can visit for complete reports and more photos. We are now on Qinghai Lake and tomorrow is a flat race to Bird Island and it will be another day for the sprinters. After the stage today, I went on a brilliant 3hr ride in the mountains that face the lake. Climbed to 3750 metres from 3100 metres and did a total of 1200m for the ride duration. This ride was simply fantastic and any cyclist would die to ride in this type of scenery. I will let the photos do the talking. 

Peloton rolling by during Stage 4 to Qinghai Lake

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