Hangzhou: Rapha Worldwide Challenge Day 6

The news is that I have officially completed the Rapha Festive 500 Challenge by reaching the goal of 500kms,  today I did 84kms which brings my cumulative total to 516kms.  Still have a couple of more days to clock up some more miles 😉 Heading back up to Moganshan tomorrow for a big day.   Riding with the wife was good, but unfortunately she punctured after only 5kms and my patches were too small for the large slit (650 tires are hard to get in China).  Jen got into a taxi and I followed on the bike and went to the nearest bike shop.  The repair job there cost only 3 yuan (50 cents) and we were off again for some riding around the West Lake.

My hot wife dressed well for the cold...

It took two people to fix the flat!

stopping for steaming hot 'baozi' mid-ride...

A romantic scene...

Gotta give the Magnus some attention here...

This was how the Magnus was supported 😉

Stay tuned for the Moganshan ride photos tomorrow – will be doing a different and supposedly more spectacular route than last time… Keep riding hard and I look forward to seeing other reports and photos from other Rapha Festive participants.


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