Sea Otter

I am now in Monterrey, staying about 6 miles from Laguna Raceway. I volunteered my services at the registration tent for most of the day and did not get time to do my scheduled 45minute easy ride, but I figure that I will be ok. This Sea Otter event is going to be pretty amazing, about 8 or 9,000 athletes are expected to compete over the next four days (XC mountain biking, down-hill biking, dual-salom, road racing and various other fun events). Also approximately 50,000 spectators are expected to show up and support the events. Most of registrants so far are mainly young “no-fear” skateboard style down-hill mountain bikers! There is a wide variety of athletes showing up but the bulk of them are going to be streaming in over the next couple of days. Its also a big opportunity for companies to show off their products/services by having exhibits on display.

My first race is the criterium race which will be held on the smooth wide 2mile Laguna Raceway circuit at 3.15pm. I am going to be doing some volunteer work before-hand for a couple of hours but I feel ready for some good action. Since there is no NRC race this weekend, I expect there will be a good turn out of top riders from various US teams.

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