Shimano XTR Dyna-Sys Testing

Adrenalin pumping downhill ride!

I have just gotten back from our big trip around China that included Chengdu, Macau, Hong Kong and Nanjing – was too busy on the road to have time to write up-dates to my website, but now that I am back home in Hangzhou you will see some stories published about the cycling in each of the cities coming out in the near future. I had the opportunity to go to Nanjing to test out the new 2011 XTR Dyna-Sys components for an action packed two days at China’s First Botanical Garden. Shimano flew me up from Macau to participate as a test rider with several other media representatives. I have written an introduction report that can be found here and over the next couple of days keep an eye on the website for further reports that include a detailed report on the Rider Tuned Technology that is available for mountain bike racers and enthusiasts in 2011.

I am talking with Hayashi Katsuhiro from Shimano about the benefits of Dyna-Sys

When I arrived in Nanjing, Shimano very generously provided us with a Shimano duffel bag (perfect for race days!) filled with a complete cycling kit! I was out-fitted with the custom heat mouldable Shimano M310 carbon shoes – they felt amazing throughout the 2-days of riding. We were also given a bunch of other cool products to use for the test riding including a very lightweight OGK Mastro helmet, Shimano eyewear – the new S70R, full finger OGK gloves (KG-15), and the Shimano XTR bib shorts paired with the mountain biking specific jersey.  At some point, I will write some reviews on the product that we were given.

The highlight of the 2-days was being able to test out the awesome new drive-train system on awesome bikes such as the dual suspension Giant Anthem XC bike and the Yeti Trail bike. I also had a couple of the Shimano technical guys accompany me on the rides explaining the equipment benefits and differences over the old XTR nine-speed set-up. I can’t wait to get my own mountain bike again equipped with Dyna-Sys and do some more mountain bike racing here in China.

Whizzing by on the single-track

Thanks to Shimano for putting on a very professional test riding camp, a first for Shimano here in China as they attempt to build their market share in the Land of the Red Flag as mountain biking becomes increasingly popular among the Chinese.

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